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Tactical Fiber Optic Cable With 2 Channel Rugged Fiber Optic Connecotr

Tactical Fiber Optic Cable With 2 Channel Rugged Fiber Optic Connecotr

- Hermaphroditic Design for Versatility---Enables multiple identical assemblies to be connected
- Hermaphroditic Dust Cap---Dust caps connect together to prevent dust and moisture penetration during deployment
- Orientation Pin Design---Ensures fast blind connection
- Commercial Ceramic Ferrule Technology---Enables connector to provision multimode and single mode interconnect with a variety of polishes including SPC and UPC
- Highly-intensified all dielectric compound material shell---Is light and intensified, and EMI free
- Fixing part on the head---Ensures that the connector could be mounted to the wall of shelter, vehicle terminal box and other cabinet

- Military
- Mining
- Oil, gas and geoscience industries
- Industrial
- Broadcast


Type of optical fiber:SM/MM
Insertion Loss(db) ≤1.0
Mating Durability(db)≥1000 cycles
Operating Temperature-40 ~ +85 ℃

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