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LC/UPC-LC/UPC Fiber Optic breakout patch cord SM 12C PVC/LSZH

LC/UPC-LC/UPC Fiber Optic breakout patch cord SM 12C PVC/LSZH

Breakout cable is widely used between buildings within ducts below the frost line, inside buildings up riser shafts, under computer room floors, and fiber to the desk application. An outer jacket packages 2.0mm jacket sub-unit cable. Additional fiber count and configuration are available upon request.
Telecommunication System
Testing Facility
CATV System
Long-haul Telecommunication
LAN System

PC,UPC,APC polishing available
High Return Loss
Low Insertion Loss
High Reliability and Stability
Available for single mode / multimode and simplex / duplex
0.9mm ,2.0mm,3.0mm diameter cable available
Breakout cable/Bundle Distribution Cable/Ribbon Cable/Outdoor Waterproof cable



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