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ODC(F)-ODC(M) 2C fiber jumper

ODC(F)-ODC(M) 2C fiber jumper

ODC Commonly used on Samsung, Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent RRHs. This weatherproof connector attaches to socket on panel of RRH or extension jumper.

1.2 fibers, singlemode or multimode
2.Compact design with 2 x 1.25 mm ferrules
3.Built-in socket with square or hexagonal flange
5.Screwed locking mechanism
7.Waterproof, dust proof and corrosion resistant
8.Waterproof protection caps
10.RoHs compliant
11.Full compatibility with previous version
12.Fulfills performance standard IEC 61753-1 Cat. E

1. Fiber Optical link IBM ESCON networks
2. Peripheral control units
3. Storage devices and Processors
4. Workstations and From Molex


 Parameter  Specifications
 Insertion Loss  SM Type≤0.2dB  97%≤0.45dB
 MM Type≤0.2dB 97%≤0.45dB
 Return Loss  SM≥50dB  /
 Housing Material  Nickel-plated Brass
 Mechanical performance  ODC plug

 ≤800N tensile Load

≤30N static side load

 ODC socket  ≤30N Sratic side Load 
 installation Torque force  Min.  1Nm  Max. 2Nm
 Operating temperature  IEC61300-2-22  -40 to +85
 Mating Durability  /  500 Cycles
 Ingress Protection  IEC 60529  IP68
 Salt Mist  IEC61300-2-26  30days passed
 Vibration  IEC61300-2-1  10-500Hz/10g passed
 Shock  IEC61300-2-9  100g passed

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