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FullAXS-LC/UPC Outdoot waterproof Fiber patch Cable

FullAXS-LC/UPC Outdoot waterproof Fiber Jumper

Commonly used in some Ericsson Remote Radio heads,the shell enclosed duplex LC connectors.Plugs directly into SFP at panel of RRH.

FullAMS id a sealing system for optical and electrial interfaces which mates directly into the SFP modules through a bulkhead construction.


  • Ruggedized sealing system for FTTA(fiber to the Antenna) and industrial Applications
  • FFTA.WiMax base station,CATV outdoor application
  • Cable diameter 4.8mm,7.0mm and 8.5mm
  • waterproof(IP65),dust proof and corrosion resistant


 Item  DATA
 Insertion Loss  ≤0.3dB
 Return Loss  SM/UPC≥50dB,APC≥60dB, MM ≥35dB
 Machanical life  500cycles
 Work temperature -40℃~+70℃ 
 Storage temperature -40 ℃~+70℃
 Operating Temperature  -10℃~+50℃
 Protection Level  IP65
 Tensile Data  Tensile between junction and fiber cable ≥100N

Cable Specification:

 Item  Data
 Fiber Count  2 Core
 Out diameter  4.8/7.0/8.5mm
 Fiber  OS1,OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4
 Tension Member  Aramid Kevlar,Amoured tube
 Max. attenuation

 SM≤0.4dB/km at 1310nm,≤0.25dB/km at 1550nm

MM ≤006dB/Km at 1300nm ,≤2.3dB.km at 850nm

 Tensile Resistance(short term)  500N(no breakage)
 Crush Resurance(short term/ Long Term)  1000N/100mm
 Inflaming Retarding  IEC60332-3-4
 Temperature  -40~+70℃

Cable Structure:

  1. 2 Tight buffer(0.9mm) +Kevlar+Jacket OD=4.8mm
  2.  2 Tight buffer(0.9mm( +Kevlar+spiral +jacket OD=4.8mm
  3.  (tight buffer(0.9mm) +2.0 jacket) *2+2*2.0mm tube +Jacket OD=7.0mm
  4. (tight buffer(0.9mm) +2.0 jacket) *2+2*2.0mm tube +Power cable 0.75M2 *2 Jacket OD=8.5mm

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